Mostly trying to relate.

  • @[email protected]
    4 months ago

    The hypocrisy of the religious. Hands down the biggest reason.

    The exclusivity, in the negative sense.

    The constant premise that there is something wrong with you if you don’t conform or otherwise fit the mold, or bend a knee to those thought of as superiors. Dissent is not allowed.

    Pray problems away instead of actually doing something about them. Like school shootings.

    The toss in all the rest of the BS like fighting other religions, wars in god’s name, god gave me (the win, the victory, saved my life but it wasn’t the surgeons, spared my house in the tornado but not the neighbor’s, my Mercedes, whatever) but not you because you’re gay or support LGBTQ, liberal, atheist, etc.

    There really is so much to despise about people who using religion as a shield for their shitty beliefs and actions.