Mostly trying to relate.

  • Actual
    254 months ago

    Here’s a couple silly reasons why:

    • I kept asking for supernatural things to happen, or to win something like a small school lottery. The fact nothing happened, let alone a clear punishment, did disappoint me.

    • When I discovered that Santa was fake was when my faith started to really crumble.

    • Sometimes listening to the Pastors speak gives me a nice sensation on the back of my neck. I later discovered ASMR. I sometimes still listen to old religious people speak, but I’m not actually paying attention.

    Here’s the real reasons why:

    • Finding too many things I disagreed with or did not understand from the text.

    • Having a religious preacher fail to explain them to me.

    • Discovering other religions exist.

    • Learning what a cult is and making 1:1 comparisons to most religious entities.

    • Discovering how shitty the real world is.

    • Science (like, all of it)

    • History (also, all of it)

    • Discovering philosophy