Seems to be caused by low amount of available storage. This caused k8s to evict/delete pods -> site went down, then it would fix itself -> site goes up again but then k8s would evict again -> site goes down. This continued untill it stabilized at some point.

This should be fixed and there should be more space available, when I move the server to a new host. I expect to move to a new server sometimes in the comming week. Will annonce the date, when I know, when it will happen.

EDIT: Spoke a little bit too soon, should be fixed now though.


There was something that kept using storage, so ran into the issue again. Then the volume/storage for the image service(pictrs) stopped worked for some unknown reason(Thankfully, I have backups) and there shouldn’t be any images lost.

Good news is that I have reclaimed a lot of storage, so shouldn’t be in danger of running out of space for a long time.